4 Must-Have Guest Bathroom Décor Ideas to Let Them Want to Stay Longer

Is it necessary to have beautiful guest bathroom décor ideas? Of course, it is. No matter what, your guests must be treated like kings and queens. Therefore, when a guest comes to your house,  sure everything is prepared well, not only in the bedroom but also in the bathroom.  Indeed, it is possible to share your bathroom with your guests.

But for the comfort and convenience of all, providing a special one for those who visit you seems better. Well, below, there are some ideas for the guest bathroom design. Which one do you love the most?

A Small Bathroom with a Functional Design

If the space is limited, it is not a sin to provide a small bathroom for your guests. But the guest bathroom design must still be fashionable and comfortable. To realize this idea, a minimalist-style bathroom is a really good choice. A minimalist style is not only about applying simple-tone colors or modern furniture.

Your small bathroom should also be functional. It means that one furniture item can have more than one function. For example, the shelf or rack for toiletries can be closed when they are not used. This way, all the items inside are kept clean and hygienic.

Neutral Color Ideas

No matter how much you love cute colors like baby pink or milky lavender, it seems you should not apply it to the guest bedroom or bathroom. Why? It is just not neutral. Yes, the guest bathroom should accommodate all types of guests whether they are men or women, kids or adults, and more. So, a kind of bathroom idea with neutral colors is a good choice.

The combination of black and white is elegant and stunning. Or, if you are just bored with them, try to choose ideas like rustic brown, beige, and the likes. Having some green plants to avoid the bathroom being too monotonous is not bad. Sure, it just makes the interior design look more refreshing.

Cabinets and Mirrors

Aside from main items like the toilet, the bathtub, and the shower stall, other things important to have in a guest bathroom are a cabinet and a mirror. This guest bathroom idea has clear functions. It enables your guests to touch up a little bit after using the bathroom. Particularly if they will not spend a night in your house, it is very important.

You should not always place them inside if the area is quite small. Placing the cabinet and the mirror outside the bathroom is still a good idea.

Good Lighting

One more point, it is about bathroom lighting. You don’t need to have a big and luxurious chandelier or something to give a beautiful vibe inside. Just make sure that the lighting is placed and set well. It must not be too dim or too bright. Placing a lamp on the ceiling is good enough. But it is also necessary to have it near the mirror.

If there is a mirror and a cabinet, it is a good place for lighting also. Although it sounds simple, lighting is a really important point to improve your guest bathroom décor ideas.

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