5 Great Inspirations of Wall Decorations for Bedroom

In general, many like to even have a bedroom with whitewashed walls. However, residents of course still want to decorate it to make it look more impressive and conciliatory.

The decoration is important to liven up a room, one of which is to apply wall decorations for the bedroom.

What is wall decoration? Ok, it is one of the components needed to beautify your bedroom decor. A wall decoration will give the impression of a more comfortable and attractive room.

Besides that, you may also apply the decorations to give the void to your room, to make it look fuller with everything that attracts your attention.

If you think you can only decorate walls with paintings or photo frames, you are totally wrong. You may use your great creativity. You can use your area of the wall as a best medium to explore your creativity.

Yeah, utilize all items that you have around you. Don’t worry, there are many items that you can use to decorate your wall. Let’s learn and follow the following explanation!

Wall Decoration from Hangers

Clothes hangers can be used as eye-catching wall decorations. You only need a hanger, clothespins, and a photo. Just hang the photo on the hanger with clothespins.

Then you can hang it on the wall for decoration. Guaranteed your room no longer looks lonely.


Utilizing some items that have been unused anymore is a good solution for everyone like you who really intend to creatively decorate the room walls. The utilization of the frames as your photo medium display is sometimes expensive.

You may utilize the other medium such as clipboard to make a unique artwork in an easy and simple step. Then, you may add a creativity touch on your clipboard to give a good impression.

Light Curtain

Even though the walls are white, your room looks romantic with a light curtain. Yes, only with light curtains to make your room so chic and of course, you will feel very comfortable. Hang light curtains along the walls. You can place mirrors and plant pots as complimentary decorations.

Aside from being the wall decorations for the bedroom, this cute lamp seems very wonderful when turned on especially in the night.

You may put the lamp in other areas such as a dining room, surely, it will provide a warm impression for your best dining room. The size of the lamp is not really big, then, it can be placed anywhere.


The next decorating idea is a wall clock. This is not really a new thing in each building, even a house, but it will be very different if the appearance and shape of a is unique.

A wall clock with a good & unique appearance and shape should be used to decorate your wall so your home will look more versatile and attractive.

Besides it is used as a timepiece, you can use it for other purposes since it has an interesting and unique appearance such as attracting your room.

Minimalist Photo Frames

Decorating the walls with photos is mandatory, but we must choose the type of frame that will be used. Photo frames in black and white make the appearance simpler, making it suitable for decorating a room with a minimalist concept.

If you want something more colorful, you can mix and match the color of the frame with a matching color to give the impression of a more vibrant home.

How, do any of the wall decorations for the bedroom above make you very interested and intend to try it? In essence, apply decorations according to your taste and character!

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