5 Inspirations for Small White Bathroom Ideas

Designing small white bathroom ideas has become popular recently. This chalky color brings a clean setting to your bathing space. This article helps you to give some ideas in designing your bathroom. 

Some people may consider a white bathroom with a dull and plain space. Here are some small white bathroom ideas images that can break the misconception about it. 

White Bathroom and Wooden Accent

Combining white with a wooden accent can be a great choice. It can create a vintage design for your bathing space. Moreover, wood can make it have a natural look in the white painted area. 

The best way to put the wood accent is on its flooring. Besides, a wooden door can make the space look bigger. Then, the wall and the shower area should be in white. Placing a vintage white tub makes it more simple. Place the tub closer to the window to give better lighting. 

Black Decorations in White Bathroom

Combining white with black is a great option. You can begin by placing black tiles on it. Meanwhile, select another flooring design for your shower area. A transparent glass barrier can make your bathroom look perfect. You can choose a black rim to complete your design. 

Do not forget to place a black-framed mirror above the wash-hand basin. Take a black tap and other black decorations to give masculine energy. 

Modern White Bathroom

White expresses purity and brings a comfortable atmosphere to your bathing area. Moreover, the all-painted white zone shows the room look brighter. Support these small white bathroom ideas with better lighting, whether from natural or electrical light. Thus, you can make space look warmer. 

Place a big window near the tub to let the sunlight come inside. Additionally, it allows the room to have good air circulation. By having this, you can expose the room to look bigger. You have to select modern furniture for these modern small white bathroom ideas. It is ideal to be placed in a minimalist design space.  

Elegant White Bathroom

You can mix white with blue and gold in your design. Both can present you with an elegant design for your bathroom. However, make sure you have a perfect combination. Expose the floor by taking navy blue color tiles. The small hexagonal shape allows you to look bigger. 

If you want to have a tub inside, you can combine it with gold equipment and decorations. The hand shower, tap, and other brass decorations will present your bathing space with a sophisticated look. 

White Bathroom with A Plant

Some people prefer to choose the design with a plant as its decoration. It is also an excellent choice as it will create a natural atmosphere in your bathroom. 

All rooms are dominated in white color including the equipment and decoration. Then, place only a house plant inside to keep it simple. You can add a flower or plant painting above the tub.  Its wooden flooring and gray shutter present a rustic design. Matching white with green, wood, and gray to your small white bathroom ideas will not be too monochromatic.

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