5 Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens to Make It Look Larger

Designing and decorating a small kitchen can be a big task to do. There is no doubt that a lot of things will be in the kitchen. You have to consider the space for storing things. You must not forget about the space to do things in the kitchen as well. You can use these kitchen ideas for small kitchens to make them look larger without losing their basic function.

Hanging Kitchen Utensils

Storage might be the biggest challenge you have to deal with in a small kitchen. You cannot squeeze more cupboards or cabinets into your small kitchen. In this circumstance, you can try to hang your kitchen utensils instead. You will find it as cheap kitchen ideas for small kitchens that will do great for your kitchen and your pocket.

To hang your kitchen utensils, you need to secure the rods to the ceiling. You can use a brass rod or shelving from copper pipe to make your kitchen chicer. You can use it to hang your mugs collection, for instance. You can also use it to stack your kitchen dishes.

Install More Task Lightings

Lighting becomes the crucial key to make your small kitchen look larger. You have to make sure that you include more task lighting in your kitchen ideas for small kitchens. For your kitchen task lighting, you can choose some sconces. Where should you install those sconces? You can install them over your sink or countertop area.

It will make your kitchen brighter. At the same time, your kitchen will look shinier with more task lights installation.

Add a Rug

You might have a big worry when decorating your small kitchen because you do not want to make it look smaller. Yet you want to make it more attractive. It is great to make your kitchen look warmer. In this circumstance, you can simply add a rug to your kitchen. It can give instant warmth to your kitchen.

Of course, it is also great to add more patterns and colors to your kitchen. There is no need to worry that it will make your small kitchen look more cramped.

Choose Glass Doors

People usually choose to have an open kitchen when you do not have a larger space to build your kitchen. Nevertheless, some people have to deal with a closed small kitchen.

It can create a claustrophobic feeling in your kitchen. To avoid this effect, you can choose glass doors for your kitchen ideas for small kitchens on a budget. The tall glass door will make your kitchen look larger.

Use Classic Kitchen Design

You might want to bring more modern elements into your kitchen but when you have a small kitchen, you might want to go to the basics. You can use the classic design idea for your kitchen. The kitchen ideas for small kitchens you need might be as simple as subway tiling to cover your kitchen wall surface. Your kitchen space will feel wider instantly.

The classic look can be enhanced by choosing a monochromatic and neutral palette.

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