5 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas without Making It Feels Stuffy

Modern interior design means that the design is sleek, simple, and functional. This style appeared in the late 19th century. You can apply modern style to all rooms, including your bathroom.

Check the modern bathroom decor ideas below for your reference.

Wooden Bathroom

A modern bathroom doesn’t mean that it consists of sophisticated features. You have a modern bathroom as long as the features and furniture are functional and simple.

The wooden bathroom above is one example. The designer is using a wooden table to set a porcelain sink. There is a large rattan hamper to store towels or dirty clothes.

Instead of using a cabinet or shelf, the designer prefers to use wooden bars. Indeed, it is a solution if you have a small bathroom at home. You can also move the wooden bar anywhere you want anytime you want without extra effort. Mix it with patterned tile for the floor to make everything eye-catching.

A Bathroom with Floating Furniture

Floating furniture is an alternative for a small bathroom. It also gives a sense of modern atmosphere. The bathroom above fuses wooden, glass, porcelain, and ceramic to create a cozy environment.

The designer chooses a glass to become a separator and door between the toilet and shower area. It is a brilliant idea because glass keeps the area feeling spacious.

There is also a wall-mount mirror in the toilet. This mirror is not only useful for seeing yourself but also reflects the bathroom. As a result, the bathroom looks more spacious than the actual size.

The use of floating furniture, such as floating cabinets, shelves, and toilets prevents the room from feeling stuffy. This bathroom can be one of the great modern bathroom decor ideas you can apply.  

A Bathroom with Natural Ambient

Do you have to have a pleasant bathroom? Applying a bathroom with a natural ambient above is a good alternative. The idea of this modern bathroom style is to bring nature in.

That’s why the designer put real plants and even big rocks near the bathroom. Imagine how relaxed you are when your bathroom feels like it has a river atmosphere.

Make the bathroom neater by using wooden material. Choose natural colors, such as white, brown, and green to strengthen the natural ambient.

It will be perfect if you build windows and let the sunrise pass through the bathroom. Indeed, you can spend a few hours in this bathroom, right? It can be your great grey brown modern bathroom decor ideas.

A Bathroom with Glass Material

Glass is one of the recommended materials for those who want to create a modern bathroom. This material is multifunctional. You can use it as a mirror, separator, door, and accessory.

The above bathroom takes the benefits of using glass in the bathroom. The designer uses glass for a separator and door between the shower and toilet. There is also a mirror that you can use when you are using this bathroom.

The designer even uses it for a transparent floating table. Plus, the designer also plays with shapes, such as rectangles, squares, round, cube, and others. It is one of the recommended modern bathroom decor ideas no shower curtains you can try at home.

Colorful Bathroom

Applying modern bathroom decor ideas doesn’t mean that you only use white, black, or other monotonous colors. You can also create a colorful bathroom.

The above bathroom is an attractive example. It uses orange for the wall. The bold orange is balanced enough with the use of white. A colorful bathroom is fresh and pleasant.

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