6 Bathroom Interior Design Mistakes You Should Avoid At All

The modern bathroom is not only a place where we can clean ourselves and take a shower. People also use the bathroom to relax, free from their stressful daily routine. Therefore, designing a bathroom has become more and more challenging today.

Unfortunately, many of us, especially you who don’t have proper designing skills and knowledge, make a lot of mistakes when designing a bathroom.

Because of that, our bathroom doesn’t look or feels like we wanted to be. For that reason, we have already gathered several bathroom interior design mistakes in this article. We believe with this knowledge, you can avoid those mistakes and create the bathroom of your dream. 

1. Jump into Designing Right Away

People often choose the bathroom design right away without thinking more about what they want to do with their bathroom.

They didn’t think about how they would use it or what it would look like. On the contrary, they choose the design based on the popular design or the trend. It is the worst bathroom design mistake to avoid. Why?

When you jump into designing without proper planning on the bathroom requirement, your bathroom won’t be able to function as it should be.

The result may be beautiful, but it is not satisfying. Moreover, you could use excessive spaces in your bathroom that end up with a cramped result. Furthermore, you might spend more than you need to because of this mistake.

How to avoid it? First of all, write down what you want to get from your bathroom. Imagine how you want to feel once your bathroom is finished.

After that, the designer will know what they should do. Or, if you did it yourself, you can find what kind of bathroom vanities, color, as well as accessories you use in your bathroom to make it like what you wanted it to be.

2. Neglecting the Lighting

Most of us made this mistake a lot. We thought that using enough bathroom lighting to make it bright is enough to create the one we called the bathroom of our dream. That is so wrong.

We have already mentioned earlier, in your bathroom, you can relax and forget the stress and problems you got from your office or school. It is simply a place where you can rejuvenate your body and mind.

In interior design, lighting holds a role as the atmosphere or nuance creator. A proper way to use the lighting will help the designer to create any atmosphere they want in a room.

So, you can create a relaxing, calming, and soothing atmosphere with it. As for the bathroom, you should have three types of lighting, they are:

  • Main lighting – it works as the main illumination of the bathroom,
  • Accent lighting – give your bathroom a calm, warm, hot, or any atmosphere in a certain area,
  • Functional lighting – this lighting helps you to use your bathroom vanities or accessories. For example, you can put it in your bathroom cabinet, so you can easily find the item you keep inside.

Combining those three, then choosing the right color to complement the lighting will create the best atmosphere that you want.

Therefore, make sure you also discuss it with your designer or plan it yourself, to get the most from your bathroom lighting type and color, and avoid the bathroom design mistake.

3. Size Mistake

Designing a bathroom also is similar to other rooms. You should pay attention to the space or the size of the room before putting anything in it.

As for the bathroom, mostly, it has a smaller dimension compared to other rooms in our house. And, that is where many bathroom interior design mistakes came from. 

We didn’t think about the size and just put any accessories and bathroom vanities in it. That cause many problems that make our bathroom look unpleasant. It is crowded and doesn’t give the relaxing/calming atmosphere that we wanted.

The solution is easy, though. Let more natural lighting come in to remove the gloomy atmosphere. Then, if you have a small bathroom, you also can use many transparent accessories, like a bathroom curtain, cabinet, or shower frame. It will create a wide space impression that helps you to relax in your bathroom.

4. Choosing the Wrong Flooring

We have thousands of choices of bathroom flooring on the market. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to find the bathroom floor that we want. However, often, we implement the flooring the wrong way.

We put any floor that we want and it decreases the beauty value of our bathroom interior design.

Remember, the bathroom floor is one of the most noticeable areas of your bathroom. We can even call it one of the bathroom focal points.

So, make sure you choose the flooring that has a compatible color with the wall, ceiling, or vanities. Or, you also can choose the total opposite of them, to create the standout look.

And, do not forget to measure the space in your bathroom to get the right amount of floor tiles. That is how you can avoid the bathroom flooring mistake.

5. Underestimating the Mirror

We put the mirror for various purposes in our bathroom. When we brush our teeth, we can check them in the mirror. Or, when we put on some makeup after bath, the mirror also helps us a lot.

However, the mirror is not simply an accessory we hang on the bathroom’s wall. Mirror also has a big effect in creating the best bathroom atmosphere and solving the space problem.

What you have to do is buy a big bathroom mirror. Put it on your bathroom wall across the window or any natural lighting source. Or, you also can use the bathroom mirror on the corner of the bathroom.

Once you do that, you will notice that your bathroom feels much wider than before. The reflection in the mirror creates an impression of a big space in your bathroom. It is also the solution to the small bathroom space problem. 

6. Choose the Bathroom Accessories Randomly

In many cases, we don’t think that much when we have to choose the accessories for the bathroom. Many bathrooms don’t even use any accessories. It is just a plain-colored wall or corner. It feels empty when you see that kind of bathroom design.

Accessories help you to create the bathroom theme. You also can personalize your bathroom with accessories. Therefore, you should plan it carefully along with the other design plan that you had at the beginning of the project, whether you build a new bathroom or remodeling your current bathroom. 

For example, you can choose marine accessories to get a beach house atmosphere bathroom. Or, if you love one of the sports, you can also put some sports-related accessories in your bathroom. The purpose here is to create a comfortable place to spend your time. Therefore, choose the bathroom accessories carefully. 

Conclusion Choosing the bathroom design is very easy. You can use the internet to find thousands of them. However, to get the best bathroom, you should plan it carefully. It helps you to avoid those bathroom interior design mistakes.

More importantly, you can apply a design that matches your personality and needs. In the end, you will get the bathroom where you can enjoy your time and relax.

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