Are You Looking for Inspirations of Wardrobe Design in the Bedroom?

The wardrobe is not only for storing clothes, but also adds to the aesthetics of the room. This is the inspiration for a minimalist and aesthetic wardrobe design in the bedroom!

So, are you looking for inspiration for your new wardrobe? Or do you want to give a new atmosphere in the bedroom? Of the many wardrobe models, one of the favorites is a minimalist wardrobe. This design gives a simple and elegant look while accentuating the contemporary feel. In choosing a minimalist wardrobe, don’t forget to adjust your needs and the size of your room. Here’s the inspiration for your favorite minimalist wardrobe model!

Open Wardrobe

This wardrobe is like an ordinary wardrobe, without a door. The advantage of having this wardrobe is that you can see your clothes, so when choosing, you don’t need to be confused. In addition, this model wardrobe can also help you organize your clothes neatly.

However, because the color is bright, it will easily look dirty and because this cupboard is open, it is easy for dust to enter. For that, choose a darker color and have to clean it regularly, at least once a week.

Beautiful Corner Wardrobe

This wardrobe design in the bedroom is indeed beautiful and is a corner wardrobe design, suitable for a large house. This wardrobe does not only contain clothes, but also a collection of bags and shoes, certainly suitable for the needs of women.

Trolley Hanging Rack

You have a lot of clothes but what do you wear? You can choose some of your favorite clothes and hang them on the hanging rack neatly. In addition, you can also put your shoes under your clothes. That way, you no longer need to buy a shoe rack separately.

Multifunctional Mirror Cabinet

Are you looking for a wardrobe and mirror in one place? Or do you like to look in the mirror while doing your makeup before going out? This closet is the answer. In addition to reflecting, the reflection of the mirror in this cupboard gives the effect of a spacious and large room. This minimalist wardrobe has a mirror in front of it, so you don’t need to buy a separate mirror again. Practical, right?

Wardrobe like Display

For women, there’s nothing wrong with having a wardrobe like a display in a store so you can see all the clothing collections. This modern minimalist wardrobe design will look cool, especially if the bedroom applies the color gray.

Curtain Wardrobe

This curtained wardrobe is suitable for those of you who want to have minimalist clothes, practical and easy to care for. This wardrobe only uses curtains and no doors. Using a closet without a door does not mean that your clothes in the closet will get dirty and dusty quickly because curtains are effective in keeping the contents of the closet clean.

In addition, this wardrobe is also economical because you don’t need to buy expensive and large cabinets. With this wardrobe, you can change the curtains according to the color you want.

Industrial Style Wardrobe

This wardrobe model has an industrial style and is certainly by the wardrobe design for narrow rooms. For those of you who want to look different, a wardrobe like this can be a cool contemporary choice. Well, that’s the inspiration for a wardrobe design in the bedroom that is functional and adds to the beauty of the room.

It turns out that there are many other alternatives for putting clothes aside from buying a wardrobe! So, which minimalist wardrobe model is your favorite?

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