3 Simple Tips for Functional and Cozy Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

How should good modern master bedroom ideas be? Decorating and renovating our own house is always fun and interesting.

Yes, no matter how puzzling it is since we may need to spend many budgets. Of course, as long as you have an idea in your mind, what the house will look like after the renovation.

One of the most popular interior decorations currently is the modern design. You can apply it in all rooms in your house including the master bedroom.

A modern bedroom also has another name, it is the contemporary or minimalist bedroom. So, how to make your master bedroom look modern and minimalist? You can follow some tips below.

Functional Furniture and Decoration

If you think that the term minimalist is only about how the bedroom looks, you are wrong. Minimalism means that furniture and all the decorations inside are functional.

In other words, you should not put details for nothing. They must be functional. For example, your sofa in the corner of the room must also function as storage when the space inside is open.

Or, rather than having a big cupboard, it is better to apply a wardrobe inside the wall to save space. Sure, it is mainly if the room is small enough.

It is reasonable if you make your bedroom look beautiful with some ornaments. But it looks healthier and more refreshing with some houseplants, doesn’t it?

Simple Tones

The next idea of the modern master bedroom decoration is applying simple tones. You should not apply too many color ideas since they may not look effective.

Instead, simple tones with 2 or 3 colors at most are enough. Make sure also that the tones are quite similar or you have one neutral color in it. The combination of white and rustic brown is great. Or, if you are bored with white, you can replace it with cream or beige.

Having bright colors are great as long as you know how to place them well. For a small bedroom, red or orange is stunning to avoid the monotonous sense.

But since it is too much to apply them in the entire room, you can just use them as details.

A Big Glass Window

You can minimize the use of AC by applying an active glass window with a huge size. The window can be applied on one side of the master bedroom.

It is much better if outside, there is a yard or at least a balcony with green plants and flowers. This simple idea also helps you relax your mind after a hectic schedule.

The big glass window idea also brings you some more benefits. One of them is that the room looks larger. So, it is very applicable in a small master bedroom.

But what if the bedroom is not on the edge of the room. Is it still possible to apply a big glass window? Yes, it is. You can have an interior garden next to your room to make this kind of modern master bedroom idea work.

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