5 Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

A bedroom becomes the most essential room needed by everyone. You need to keep it comfortable and functional. But when the room is pretty small for your bedroom, you can use these bedroom ideas for small rooms to create the cozy personal space you want.

Multifunctional Furniture

Since the available space in the bedroom is very limited, you need to use your creativity to make sure that every function is needed in the bedroom.

The simplest creative bedroom ideas for small rooms you can use are by using multifunctional furniture. It is the ultimate key to keep your small bedroom functional.

Instead of using a regular bed frame, you should use a bed frame that comes with built-in storage, for instance.

Efficient Layout

You also need to pay attention to the layout of your room. The main bedroom ideas for small rooms are to leave as much space as possible for placing other things.

The position of the bed will play an important role in this circumstance. The best option you have is by placing the bed at the end of the bedroom.

It is usually placed under the window. This way, the bed will not be in the way when you try to use the remaining space.


You can also use the magic trick to make your small room look bigger. To do this, you can simply place a mirror in your bedroom decoration.

The mirror might have a main purpose for decoration. Adding one into your room can make your bedroom look beautiful.

At the same time, the mirror will also be useful to make the room look larger since it will reflect light. The key to making this option efficient is by placing the mirror strategically.

Dark Wall Light Ceiling

It becomes a basic understanding that if you want to make your small room look bigger, you need to apply light-colored paint on the surface of your room.

It can really work, for sure, but it does not mean that you always have to do it. If you prefer dark paint for your room, you can just use it. It is important to make the room yours instead of just following the rule to make it look bigger.

When you want to cover your bedroom walls with a dark coat, you need to keep these simple bedroom ideas for small rooms in mind.

You can use dark color for the walls but to avoid it looking too cramped or claustrophobic, you should paint the ceiling in a lighter color. It can be white but you can feel free to choose the color with a lighter tone than your wall color.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Every inch of floor space in your small room is precious. That is why you will try various methods to keep it open. In this circumstance, you just need to mount your furniture items on the wall.

It will free the floor space and make your bedroom look larger. You cannot miss these bedroom ideas for small rooms to keep the look and function of your room optimum even with minimum space available.