4 Easy Small Bathroom Layout Ideas Given for Cozier Atmosphere

How should small bathroom layout ideas be? For the limitation of area, it is reasonable if some rooms are made to be small and even narrow.

Sometimes, you just want to sacrifice your bedroom as there will be many things to put inside. So, the choice goes to the bathroom.

Many people even decide to have 2 small bedrooms rather than a big one. So, if you are interested to have only a small bathroom, how does the layout look like? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A Bathroom with Main Items Only

Not all items are placed in your bathroom. Moreover, it is when the size is small enough. So, the first small bathroom idea is by placing only the main items or components.

What do the main items refer to? They are a toilet, a bathtub, and a small shelf or a rack to place your towels and soaps. So, how about the shower stall? You can put it inside if there is enough space for it.

But if it doesn’t, a shower stall seems not really essential. Maybe, you can just install a shower faucet inside. This bathroom is not a kind of dry bathroom anyway.

Placing Items in a Row

This is a solution if the space for the bathroom is long and narrow. So, you don’t have too many options and you should try to place all items in a row. The shower stall can be placed on the edge of the corner of the bathroom. It is followed by the toilet and the bathtub.

If space is a little bit wide, the placements can be in turns, one on the right side and one on the left. Aside from making the bathroom look larger, it also adds aesthetic sense to your bathroom design.

For these bathroom ideas with shower stalls, you can place the shelf and cabinets outside to save the space even more.

All things are in small sizes

Currently, it is not difficult to get home items in small sizes. Even if you want, you can customize them all. So, to solve the problem of small bathrooms, all the things provided inside should be in small sizes.

You should not think that those small things are intended for kids or something. Well, there are indeed bathroom item products with smaller sizes, intended for adults. The prices are varied for sure depending on the brand and quality.

Additional Items

While some main items must be placed inside the bathroom, there should be some additional items also. But in placing those additional items, some rules need to be followed.

They must be important items that are functional inside. Besides, those items should give a larger effect on the bathroom. One of the ideas is a big mirror.

A mirror is very good for the larger effect as the reflection it makes. This item also reflects the lighting to make the bathroom even look brighter.

Although there is a mirror inside, there should not be a cabinet if the bathroom is really small. So, are you interested in applying the small bathroom layout ideas mentioned above?

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