6 Small Bathroom Floor Plans to Make It Look Clean

A bathroom is a private area that you must keep clean and comfortable. However, because the function is closely related to the water, it is risky to damage and dirty.

Selecting the right materials doesn’t ensure that this bathroom is durable and so clean all the time. You need to plan a good layout to make it durable and clean.

These are some bathroom ideas to make it look clean and comfortable. 

Open Space Design 

If your bathroom shares some functions such as a toilet, shower, and powder room, you must make a minimum border. You can apply the right small bathroom floor plans to look clean and nice.

You may benefit from an open space system or open space design without borders. The bathroom tends to be easy to clean and looks wider. If you require privacy in this bathroom, you can use a shower curtain. The use of a shower curtain is more practical to remove and clean. 

Good Ventilation 

One of these small bathroom floor plans is concerning ventilation. Ventilation is an air circulation way of the bathroom in which it is so essential to make your bathroom always clean.

The trapped wet air in the bathroom is risky to make bathroom materials damaged and mouldy. Sunshine exposure also prevents the development of fungus and moss making your bathroom dirty.

However, if the bathroom design with windows is impossible, you can use an exhaust fan to remove dirty air from the bathroom. 

Minimum Nat 

One of the good small bathroom  plans is avoiding nat ceramic tiles. Nat on the wall or floor is risky to accumulate dirt. When the dirt is accumulating, of course, the nat doesn’t look so beautiful again.

You can change it with the wider ceramic tiles so that it has less nat in the bathroom. Of course, it eases you to treat your bathroom. 

Tidy Shelves and Washbasin

A clean bathroom is usually influenced by the furniture items. When it is clean, it means that you can treat it well. You should set tidy shelves and washbasins in the bathroom.

Make sure that you have it all. You can design a minimalist bathroom with complete facilities. You can also select a multifunctional cabinet to arrange items tidily. Thus, you require a storage cabinet for a bathroom. 

White Color 

To make it look clean, you can select white colours. A simple bathroom design usually takes white colour suitable for a minimalist bathroom. A bright colour like white can give an effect to your bathroom look wider.

You can also select white ceramic tiles. You can apply bathroom paint ideas where you paint the bathroom area with monochrome or white colour. Both colours are much recommended to this bathroom design. 

The Right Material 

You should select the right material to design small bathroom floor plans. You may choose wooden details to decorate your bathroom. It accentuates a natural look.

You must be concerned about the choice of wooden elements and wood. You can select a composite wood because it is water-resistant.

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