5 Small Bathroom Ideas with Tub To Have A Comfortable Spa Area at Home

Some people think that having a small bathroom means that they can’t do anything. The small bathroom ideas with tub below show that you can’t only manage the area well but you can also add a tub.

The small bathroom ideas with tub and shower below lead you to have a spa area at home.

Open Space Bathroom with Tub

You can separate the bathroom area into two. The first area is for the shower, whereas the other area is for the tub. Build a window at the top of the tub to keep this area comfortable.

Ensure that you choose the right tub size so it fits with the area. A medium tub is enough for you to have a relaxing area while taking a bath. Separating the area is a solution to keep it functional and not stuffy. Use glass for the separator.

This material keeps your eyes to see everything, so it doesn’t seem to affect the size of the room.

Bathroom with Soft and Warm Colors

Playing with colors is also a great idea to turn your small bathroom into a cozy area. The above bathroom uses bisque, dark sea green, and cadet blue colors.

These colors look attractive and warm enough for a bathroom. Your small bathroom will be neater. Use a different color for different areas. The designer uses bisque for the toilet area, dark sea green for the tub and shower, and cad blue for the shelf.

Imagine that you still have a functional and tidy bathroom if you apply this model. The most important thing is that you still have a comfortable tub for relaxing yourself. It is one of the cool bathroom ideas with tub.    

Aesthetic Bathroom

You can even create an aesthetic bathroom in a small bathroom. The above bathroom looks extraordinary and attractive with posters.

The good thing is that this bathroom doesn’t use any separator, yet it consists of three areas. You can still see the sink area, toilet, and tub area. Instead of using a shelf or cabinet, the designer uses storage with wheels. The design of this storage is sleeker and easy to move anywhere if it is necessary.

The designer also uses a chair to put towels. The combination of all items, colors, and furniture the designer picks makes this bathroom different from other ordinary small bathrooms. Take this as one of your small bathroom ideas with tub if you love something aesthetic.

White Bathroom

Applying white is the simplest way to make your small bathroom feel spacious and neat. This bathroom is using white in almost all parts. The touch of light gray and orange makes this bathroom more attractive.

The designer even plays with texture, such as applying light gray bricks on the tub area and three colors of towel. A simple doorless cabinet is also a good alternative to keep the area spacious.

The most important thing is that there is a place to store towels and toiletries.

Bathroom with Plants

Bringing nature in is also a good option. It is a good option for those who find it impossible to build a big window in a small bathroom. Put some of your favorite plants in the bathroom.

Use storage such as rattan, bamboo, or dried coconut leaves baskets to strengthen the natural atmosphere. Ensure that the bathroom gets enough light and fresh air to keep its comfortableness.  

That’s it! The small bathroom ideas with tub above are fascinating. It is a great way to have a hidden area for relaxing at home. There are so many small bathroom ideas with tub and small toilet you can apply.

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