Astonishing and Artistic Wall Painting Ideas for Bedroom

What are wall painting ideas for bedroom? Since bedrooms are our caves where we may spend most of our time there at home, it is necessary to make them as cozy as possible.

Sure, coziness cannot be achieved without having a good decoration and idea. Aside from placing things and furniture that are needed, something you can do is decorate the wall in some ways. One of them is by applying an aesthetic painting idea.

What kind of wall painting to apply, depends on whose bedroom it is. Of course, a master bedroom must have a different idea from a bedroom for kids. So, are you interested in applying it to your bedroom? Make sure to see some inspirations below.

Plain Wall Painting Idea

Plain wall painting is a good solution for a bedroom to look larger and more spacious. Rather than applying wallpaper with patterns that can give a cramped effect, the plain one seems to be better.

Are you afraid that the plain idea makes the bedroom wall decoration look monotonous? Well, you should not worry. There are so many beautiful colors to try starting from dazzling red to calming blue.

It is also possible to have more than one color in your bedroom. A bedroom commonly has 4 sides of the wall, doesn’t it? If you already have yellow on one very bright side, you can calm the nuance of your room down with soft beige or cream.

Having other tones is not bad also like the combination of yellow and green or purple and blue.

Abstract Painting on the Wall

To make the bedroom look more attractive and artistic, applying a certain pattern on the wall is a good idea as well. A kind of abstract painting like the combination of 2 or 3 colors is simply stunning.

Or, do you want to implement other ideas like zigzag or horizontal lines? Even if you apply the pattern well, you can get some more beautiful effects to the interior design. Your room can look more spacious also.

So that the pattern is applied well, the activity of painting must be done by professionals. Of course, for that, you may need to spend some more money. But if the result is really satisfying, it is a good deal for sure.

The Real Painting with Images on the Wall

The next painting idea that needs help from professionals is painting with images. Sure, if you are an artist that often makes such paintings on the wall, it is not a problem to do it yourself.

You can have any image that you want. It is starting from your favorite character to a beautiful landscape you commonly see outside. For a small and narrow bedroom, this idea is indeed quite tricky.

Yes, it is because the wrong color combination can just make the room look even narrower. As a solution, try to paint it with only a few and simple tones.

Often, simpler things look more beautiful including to wall painting ideas for bedroom.

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